About You

Are you experiencing being more overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated in your life? Do you feel you are not coping or managing the way you were able to before? Are you experiencing much higher levels of anxiety, impacting on how you feel? How you see yourself? Are you struggling to find happiness in your life? In the situations you find yourself in? What about in the relationships you have with people around you?. If you can answer YES to any of these questions, Does this sound familiar to you, or is this describing how you feel right now. Take a few moments to read on through both of my pages to find out more.

Why Counselling

Counselling can be a real support and it can help especially in times of difficulty or when something has been upsetting us over a period of time. We may find ourselves struggling to have the answers, or find a solution to being in situations like this. We are finding things are getting more and more on top of us, impacting not just our well-being, but on our overall happiness too. Many people when they are stuck in life have increasing feelings of hopelessness, thinking, and feeling, that there is no where to go, at the same time feeling that you have no one to turn to. That is when counselling can really help, because you are talking about the things that are impacting on you, you can begin to feel the benefits of this, how it can really make that difference, to you, and to your life.

When we are experiencing this, along with having everyday life problems, it can all feel overwhelming, we can become ‘Stuck’ in life, and feel we are not able to move on, or to focus on the basic things. The ripple effects of this can have a huge impact not just on our life, but our mental well-being, spirituality, and even our physical health. If you want to talk things through in greater depth, and begin exploring with me in a calm, non judgmental, and safe space. Please pick up the phone, or send me an email, book yourself in for a free 30 minute Online/Telephone consultation. By working together I will be supporting you in, exploring, and gaining greater understanding of WHY, do you feel the way you do?, HOW, does this impact on your daily life?. By learning about your internal conflicts, we are working together with you working towards the life, you want to have for yourself.


I do believe coming into the counselling process, and by discussing and communicating our mental, and emotional problems through talking therapies, can really help, and have many benefits to our life, here are just a few:

  • You can identify the key issues, areas of concern that are causing your emotional distress
  • You gain a greater understanding of your own thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours from your own perspective, not someone elses.
  • Having the uninterrupted time (60 minutes), which is specifically for yourself, you can focus on yourself as the priority, no one else, working to your focus, your agenda.
  • You can explore, talk openly in a confidential, neutral, non judgemental environment, having this space means, you are talking more openly, freely, and honestly.
  • Working through what is concerning you, and how it is impacting on you on a daily basis, enables you to find the ways  to work out, and plan how best to make the changes you need to overcome them.
  • Improving your mental well-being, can improve your physical well-being.
  • Working through your own problems, you are learning to problem solve for yourself.
  • By learning new coping strategies, and tools, these will help you to continue on in your daily life.
  • Work at your own pace and time.